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 Where to start

  • Ensure you have a good understanding of what you want
            Property maintenance: Often it won't take any more than a phone call to establish what needs to be done and organise to 
                                                     have the work carried out. 
            Small project:                  If you are wishing to embark on a small project it is a good idea to have sketches or pictures of similar                                                      project to give us an idea of what you are looking to achieve. Wise Build are able to help you bring                                                              those ideas to life with our 3D modelling software. Whether it's a new kitchen or an extension we can                                                        help you visualise what the end results will be. 
            Large project:                 There is a good chance that if you are looking at a large project that you will already have some                                                                    drawings and a good idea of what you want to achieve. As well as carrying out 3D modelling one area                                                        that Wise Build can help is with Quantity Surveying. Pricing larger jobs can become complicated and                                                          budgets often suffer as a consequece. Don't get caught out, get some expert advice and be prepared                                                        from the beginning. 
  • Ensure your chosen builders are associated with a recognised trade body. Wise Build Ltd are affiliates of the Federation of Master builders. You also need to make sure your builder has public liability cover in place. 
  • Arrange a meeting and go through in detail what you want. For complicated projects this may require a number of hours and perhaps more than just one meeting.
  • Obtain a written quotation from a selection of builders (typically 3) and ensure it is broken down into detail; you need to know they are like for like quotations. This is often an area where the client finds out they did not actually understand what was and was not included.
  • Once you have decided on the builder you want to work with, arrange another meeting to go back through the quotation and discuss each area in detail.
  • If you are still happy, ask for a reference or two, make sure you then call these people and if possible view their workmanship.
  • Now agree everything in writing from the works to be done, start / finish date, Health & Safety, security, waste disposal, hours of work and even lavatory arrangements. Make sure that both of you sign two copies and that you retain your copy.
  • Finally agree your terms of payment, which will normally be staged and remember rarely do we get something for nothing. If you are considering saving the VAT on a project or payment in cash, this means your builder is prepared to break the law and avoid their legal obligations. This is likely to result in you having no proof of contract or payment and no come back should there be a problem. Wise Build like to operate with an open and honest approach so clients know exactly where they stand.